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Enthusiasm, desire, pleasure, passion – that’s what we feel when we create our bags. We give a good piece of it to each of our bags on the way, out into the world, into a new home.



The definition of luxury is very much socially shaped and subject to constant change. It wasn’t so long ago that running water was an unimaginable luxury. Today, luxury is very often “to have time” for oneself and one’s loved ones.  But we also like to associate luxury with terms such as exclusivity, elegance and style.


Man&Del wants to be desirable. For the few who really love us


Something extraordinary

Design, Emotion, Luxury

Behind every successful woman is herself

Women know what they want. In our fast-moving times, they are self-determined and no longer have to “ask if they are allowed to”. Because today behind every successful woman stands: HERSELF

Just like our lives, the way we shop has changed. Today’s technologies offer us many possibilities. But one thing has remained the same: a bag is still an expression of a woman’s personality and reveals a lot about its wearer.

G-Rope, the versatile Italian

The “G-Rope” by Man&Del is an exclusive designer piece that is immediately apparent. Clear soft lines and elegantly curved straps quickly reveal their Italian origin. The “G-Rope” wants to be above all one thing, fashionable and versatile.

Whether a sophisticated business meeting or a practical bag for all days, the “G-Rope” can do both. The removable inner part catches the eye right away. So the “G-Rope” quickly becomes a shopper for small purchases. Anyone who travels by plane will particularly appreciate it. In the inside pocket, there is room for your laptop and toiletries, in the small clutch bag your passport and mobile phone.


For her and for him

particularly in the world of fashion, the boundaries between the sexes have dissolved considerably. Man&Del has set itself the goal of becoming an object of desire for men as well. The first prototypes are already in the making, “man” and woman may be curious.


Sailing the open seas

In search of new horizons

Today Man&Del is a showcase for the whole world, without restrictions, but deeply rooted in the Italian tradition of fashion, design and unmistakable lifestyle.

Italian Soul

The joy of beauty, joie de vivre and a certain lightness. That’s what we want to give our bags on their way. Somewhere in the world it is expected and hopefully will be a constant companion.